Available for conferences, breakout sessions, workshops, panels, podcasts,  college workshops, and keynotes.

1. The Finally Fix Your Credit Workshop

Covers the basics of how credit works,  how to repair your credit, and how to build credit.

2. Small Business Tax Deductions

This workshop teaches entrepreneurs everything they need to know to keep more of what they make.

3. How To Make Money with
Social Media 101

This workshop teaches service based and product-based businesses to use social media how to attract the right audience, establish yourself as an authority, build a magnetic brand, and convert followers into dollars.

4. How To Make Money with Facebook Live

This workshop teaches the elements of using live video to attract an audience, establish yourself as an authority, overcome camera fears, and how to convert viewers into dollars.

5. General Motivation and Mindset

I infuse my personal journey, the ups, the downs, the humorous, and not so humorous aspects into a targeted message to serve the needs of your audience.

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