VIP Coaching with

Terrie Chantel.

Monetization Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Executives Who are Experts In Their Industry

Executive Coaching with

Terrie Chantel.

Monetization Coaching for Entrepreneurs Who are Experts In Their Industry

You’re not new to business and you’ve made some consistent profits, but you feel like you’re stuck at the same level and you’re ready to UPLEVEL.

This is for you if…

  • You’re an expert in your industry, whether it’s being a Sales Coach, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent, boutique owner, or master hairstylist.
  • You want to build a profitable online brand that’s worth the content creation energy you put in.
  • You want fresh strategy and guidance to execute your current ideas, offers, and services.



       Executive Coaching can include the following:

    Brand Uplevel Makeover

    An upleveled website design complete with social media graphics to match. 

    Offer Strategy

    I’ll work with you to decide the right offers, products, and/or programs for you to monetize and my team will help you create them. I’ll give you the content blueprint for you to create. I help you with the topics, outlines, and even the lesson strategy for your new ebooks, webinars, seminars, and courses.

    Video Strategy

    Video is my specialty. I give you my tested and proven strategies to elevate your brand and convert viewers into clients. We’ll customize a video topic strategy for various platforms.

    Brand Strategy

    Positioning is key. I’ll work directly with you to position your upleveled brand and offers.

    Marketing Strategy

    You’ll learn online social media and email marketing strategies to market your new offers.

    Free Case Study:

    How Digital Products Changed My Life


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